Welcome to the 全球服务办公室

The 全球服务办公室 (噩) is an active resource to over 20,000 international students and scholars from 147 different nations across the world. We provide the professional expertise and support you need to maintain compliance through immigration, 学术, and your employment experiences—helping you remain a valuable member of the Northeastern community.


旅行 to Northeastern's Campuses

There are many different rules and regulations to be aware of when traveling to your campus destination, and it’s your responsibility to make sure you comply with these regulations. Please select your campus destination to learn more about what you need to do and when to arrive for your first day of class.





  • Curricular Practical Training Webinar. 按此录音!
  • Post-Completion Optional Practical Training Webinar. 按此录音!
  • Pre-arrival webinar on What to Expect: 去美国旅行.S. as a new F-1 International Student. 按此录音!
  • Pre-arrival webinar on the Visa and I-20 timeline and process for incoming international students beginning their program in January 2023 按此录音!
  • Maintenance of Status Feb 11, 2021  按此录音!
  • 就业 for International Students: Updates and Current Developments February 5, 2021 按此录音!
  • Updates on Fall 2020 Guidance (新学生) July 20, 2020   按此录音!
  • Updates on Fall 2020 Guidance (Continuing Students) July 21, 2020   按此录音!


Diversity is at the heart of the Northeastern community. And despite the Presidential 行政命令 (2021), the 噩 will continue to work with various departments at Northeastern to create an inclusive environment.

For complete and updated information about the Presidential 行政命令, please visit the Northeastern 行政命令 Site. 你也可以参观 美国国务院网站 to learn more about the specifics of the travel ban.